Weekly CALM Call

Each week on a different day, usually at 4pm to suit most timezones, but sometimes at a different time to suit those who can’t make 4pm, we have a Zoom call.

The purpose of the call is to connect, socialise, share, create accountability and anything else we want to do with the hour. It is your time to use as the community wishes!

They are scheduled a month ahead, subject to change on occasions (I’m a jobbing Consultant too!) but I will always let you know via Slack, and you can always find out what’s happening from the Events page.

Call details below – looking forward to chatting!

This event is for PTLM CALM – Platinum Membership – Monthly, PTLM CALM – Platinum Membership – Annual, PTLM CALM – Silver Membership: How to Simplify your Life Courses , PTLM CALM – Gold Membership – Monthly, and PTLM CALM – Gold Membership – Annual members only.
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