Zapier is a tool that you can use to connect two or more platforms to create an automated process. They call those connections / processes ‘zaps’.

It’s a freemium model based on numbers of zaps and how many times they run each month, which means that you can start small for free and build up to a paid for account when you can see the benefit / point!

The sorts of tasks I use Zapier for are:

  • to automate my podcast bookings (connecting Zoom, Google Calendar, Gmail)
  • saving tasks that crop up from Slack conversations into my todo list in Todoist, just by clicking the save option in Slack (see video below)
  • sharing articles from my Pocket account by adding a specific tag to the article once I’ve read it; Zapier then connects that to my Buffer account and that’s where the sharing happens.
  • my show notes are outsourced and podcast guests complete a Google Form to send me their bio etc, which zaps into my CRM and across to another Google Form that the show notes people use

and so on…

Here’s a video showing you how to set up a zap. Drop me a message on Slack or by email if you want some help with a specific zap for your business.

Small Daily Action

Brainstorm and make a list of your processes where you are manually copying from one platform to another.

The resultant list likely includes your first Zap opportunity. Give it a go!

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