This week we are focusing on your processes and how you do stuff – to tighten things up and keep you effective and efficient.

To kick off the week, we’ve gone all continental! What is Mise en Place you might be asking?

Mise en Place is a French culinary term that means ‘putting in place’ and describes how top chefs work to organise their work spaces and processes to ensure they create the best quality food with efficiency.

In the kitchen it’s used as a noun – the set up and readiness of your ingredients and equipment, a verb – the process of preparing, and a state of mind.

How can we apply that to our work?

In our business it relates to our preparation, process and presence – and how we can use those concepts to focus on achieving our best work.

Here are some articles that might help you to understand the concept further

How I Incorporate “Mise en Place” In My Daily Work And Business

How to Create Flow in your Online Business using ‘Mise en Place’

For A More Ordered Life, Organize Like A Chef

Small Daily Action

Look at your work station and identity where you have ‘botherations’ – things that aren’t in the right place, that you have to move other stuff to find, that shouldn’t be on the desk anyway.

Do the same with your computer. Can you find the top 5 tools that you need in only one or two clicks? Have you got the most often used apps pinned to your toolbar? Do you have stuff on there that you hardly ever use?

A platform I recommend that keeps all my most used apps in one place is Shift.

How do you close down your work day? How do you start your work day? Is there more or less you could do to make it an effective and efficient process?

What planning do you do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly to keep you focused, effective and efficient?

Share in Slack or the Facebook Group how you’re getting on.

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