Today we’re looking at ways to ensure you’re using your time to the best effect.


I’m sure, especially if you’ve been around me for a while, that you’ve heard about the Pomodoro Technique.

That’s where you take a specific amount of time (usually 25 mins) to focus on a task and then you take a short break (usually 5 mins, walking around, moving, making a cuppa) and then you get back down to your focus time and do another 25 mins and so on, for 3 sessions. Then you take a longer break.

It’s definitely worth testing to see if it works for you.


Another app to then throw in to the mix is Pomodone, which connects to many project management tools (including Todoist) and allows you to work through your task list using the Pomodoro Technique, built into the app. It is a premium app but the lowest ‘lite’ plan is only currently £22 for a year, so not too onerous.


The other app to mention is RescueTime. This app allows you to track where you’re spending your time but, if you upgrade, can also do other stuff like ‘coach’ you through the day on your focus levels / how much you’ve been getting distracted. It can also allow you to create focus sessions by blocking the sites that distract you during that time.

Small Daily Action

Give the Pomodoro Technique a go.

Investigate Pomodone and see if it might be worth some more investigation!

Check out RescueTime and see how it might be helpful to you.

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