Have you ever been that person who lost all of their files (and possibly their marbles at that point) because you hadn’t made provision for backing up your files and your computer crashed?

Don’t be that person ever again!

Backing up your Files

There are various options for keeping your files secure. Horses for courses and all that.

Back in the day I used some backup software to backup everything to the cloud. Nowadays I use Dropbox for most stuff, so I don’t worry too much about a separate backup option as their service is so good.

If you don’t have anything in place currently, here are a few articles with some ideas.

Six Ways to Backup Your Data

Backup Options

Working with MacOS Snapshots


I have used Dropbox for a good few years now and I love how it works. Everything is available to me in the Cloud, easily via my mobile devices, and I sync what I want to also keep on my laptop. They keep versions of files / revisions for a period of time, which gives even more peace of mind.

Google Drive

I also use Google Drive and the various Docs, Sheets etc for some of what I do. That’s because sometimes it’s just so much quicker and easier to open one of those via a bookmark (see yesterday’s tasks!) than to open a Word document on my computer, and it’s all kept safe.

As with everything, you need to work out what works best for you and organise accordingly. Occasionally I get a bit confused and can’t remember where that particular document is but mostly I have it set up so I habitually know where to go.

Small Daily Action

Review your backup plan and make it solid!

Maybe investigate using Dropbox and/or Google Drive for specific documents and work.

Share in Slack or the Facebook Group how you’re getting on.

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