Welcome to Week 2 / Day 1 of the Back to School Challenge (links to the previous days are below).

This week we are focusing on managing our files; getting them organised and making sure we can find what we’re looking for really quickly.

The first job is to work out a file structure that you can work to when organising your files. I use a top structure as follows:

  • Admin & Finance
  • Audience Building
  • Income Generation
  • Product Production (that one always makes me laugh – it must be a tautology, surely?!).

All my files fit within those categories and within those I have more folders to make all my files easy to find. The rule of thumb is to have just enough folders that you don’t have too much choice when filing stuff, but not too few that everything gets lumped generically into too few folders (and hence is hard to find because of that).

When I got overwhelmed with files, I started going through each of my folders, a few a day, and deleting what I no longer needed and reorganising what I did.

This week we are going to focus on that as our daily task, along with the extra stuff that I introduce each subsequent day.

Small Daily Action

Set your top level folders to ensure you know how you’re going to organise your sub folders. Decide how many folders / files you are going to admin / organise each day, and go for it! Maybe rename them, and certainly refile them into appropriate folders so your stuff is easy to find.

Share in Slack or the Facebook Group how you’re getting on.

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