Welcome to day 3 of the Back to School Challenge.

First, don’t forget that you need to carry on with your unsubscribing from newsletters that you don’t read.

Today we’re focusing on admin-ing your emails by batching.

The idea is that you pick a small number of times a day to process your emails. I only do it once but you may prefer to do it, for example, at the beginning, middle and end of the day.

As you process the emails you are taking one of four actions:

  • Do (that’s for little stuff that will take up no more than a minute or two)
  • Delegate (send it to someone else to do!)
  • Defer (add to your to do list)
  • Delete (obvious!)

Obviously you will also be responding to the sender as part of this processing (ie the do-ing might be to answer them but, if you are deferring to your to do list, you would likely also quickly reply to say you will get back to them later etc).

Pausing your Inbox

It’s helpful if you can pause your emails and only unpause them when you’re ready to process them. That stops you being distracted by them, particularly the new ‘exciting’ emails coming in.

I use Boomerang to do that. It does much more than that but I started with ‘Inbox Pause’ and it got amalgamated into Boomerang, so I don’t use all the other things that it does, but they’re worth checking out too!

There is a Chrome extension that you can use to pause your gmail – Pause Gmail Inbox

In Outlook you can change your settings so your email only comes in when you allow it to.

Small Daily Action

Investigate setting up to be able to pause your inbox

Plan how many times you will admin your inbox per day (and then implement that plan!).

Share in Slack or the Facebook Group how batching is working for you.

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