Welcome to Week 1 / Day 2 of the Back to School Challenge.

First, don’t forget that you need to carry on with your unsubscribing from newsletters that you don’t read. How good did that feel, getting rid of those unwanted emails yesterday? Keep it up today, another repeat of the number you’ve decided on daily.

Second, the main focus today is on using filters in your email to process emails without you needing to look at them.

I’ve included links to instructions below on how to set up filters in gmail and outlook. If you use another email tool then there will be a way to do it using that, just use our friend Google to find the instructions!

But, first, why might you use filters?

  1. To automatically send all emails with the word ‘invoice’ or ‘receipt’ in the subject line into a folder entitled ‘bookkeeping’
  2. to send all emails from a certain person into a folder with their name
  3. to ‘star’ all emails from a certain person or with a certain word in the subject line
  4. to automatically delete that pesky newsletter that you keep unsubscribing from but the sender doesn’t appear to be able to stop it!
  5. add labels to specific emails without needing to do it manually

…and the list goes on!

The main one I use is a filter to send my invoices and receipts straight to Dext so that I don’t have to open, read and process them – they just go straight to the tool that I use to add them into my accounts systems (Kashflow).

Small Daily Action

Set up at least 3 email filters

Share in Slack or the Facebook Group how you are using filtering.

How To Do It

Gmail Filters 101: Your Definitive Guide to Email Filters

Filtering in Gmail

Filtering in Outlook

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Example Filter

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