Welcome to Week 1 / Day 4 of the Back to School Challenge (links to the previous days are below).

First, don’t forget that you need to carry on with your unsubscribing from newsletters that you don’t read.

How many times have you typed out the same email to yet another person? There are so many times, when we’re running our businesses, that we have been asked the same question and need to give the same answer to a query. When does that happen with you?

I have people asking to contribute to my blog or asking to be a guest on my podcast. I have standard templates that I use to reply to those people, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time (wasting time typing the same answer as before).

I’ve recently put a hold on guest requests for my podcast so I have a standard response to requests to be a guest that asks them to contact me later in the year.

I send a thank you message to my podcast guests after our interview. I may adjust a bit of it but basically it’s the same wording each time.

I send a standard email when I publish a guest’s podcast.

When working with Engage for Success I need to reply to people who want to do a guest blog on that website – it’s the same answer each time!

And the list goes on…

If I didn’t use templates for these emails I would really be wasting my time recreating and retyping them each time. As it is, with a few clicks of my keyboard, I’ve answered them, and that’s using the power of email templates.

How to create email templates in Gmail

How to create Outlook templates in Outlook

The tool that I use to create and use templates on all my platforms / apps is Textexpander.

Small Daily Action

Fine one or more examples of emails that you keep creating where you could use a template.

Create a template for that one email.

Share in Slack or the Facebook Group the situation that this will help you with.

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