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There’s always something new to learn when running your own home based coaching or consultancy business isn’t there? In this Community we have a ton of training to help you: from planning to productivity, from marketing to outsourcing, from simplifying your life to wellbeing; we can help!

Our current courses are below and you can get access to our ‘Knowledge Is POWER’ section with useful links and other content here. And there is a list of recommended books here.

If you’re not already a member, you can find out more about membership and our community and support here.

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Using Canva

Videos showing you how to use Canva (there's only one so far!!)

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facebook ads

Facebook Ad Fundamentals

Set yourself up for success with Facebook ads

business burnout

How to Recognise and Heal from Business Burnout

Pick and choose the right tips for you for reducing stress and ending burnout

targeted content

Using Super-Targeted Lead Magnets

Discover a way to turn the current content on your website into targeted lead magnets.


7 Ways to Add More Subscribers

Take small daily actions over the next 4 weeks to ensure you are adding subscribers to your list.

Zoom Course Header

Communicate & Meet With Zoom

Everything you need to know about using Zoom for online meetings and training.

workshop course

How to Run a Workshop

Well planned workshops are great for brainstorming, interactive learning, building relationships and problem solving.

target market

Your Target Market

The key to finding your target market is research. You must know the audience you're going after really well.


How to Create Laser Focus

By the end of the course, you'll have a whole arsenal at your command for dispelling distractions and fine-tuning your focus.

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your money plan

Your Money Plan

This 'Your Money Plan' course is designed to look at where our income is now, and where you want it to be.

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wordpress course


This training course is designed to help you understand how to secure and protect your valuable WordPress site.


Prevent & Cope With Burnout

Follow this 9 Step Plan to help you to cope with existing burnout symptoms and to help to avoid further burnout in the future.


Organise your Home Office

Learn how to organise your home office so you will maximise productivity in your business – and then you get stuff done!

habitual happiness

Habitual Happiness

You’ll discover why happiness is essential to your life and learn 7 habits that, once adopted, will help to create happiness in your life.

simplify and declutter

Declutter your Life

Delutter your life step by step to create the space for living more

vision boards

Having Fun With Vision Boards

Purposeful visualisation is the key to greater success in every area of life. Here's how to visually represent what you want.


Your Best 12 Months Ever

Start now - there is no need to wait for January - you can ensure that you have your best 12 months as soon as you like!

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How to Use Slack for Community

This is a community course, designed to help you to learn how to use Slack to communicate within the community!

how to simplify your life

How to Simplify your Life

Learning and practical actions to make your life more simple. How to get clear on what you want to do, and not do.