Get It Done Sessions

You know when you have something that you are struggling to focus on. You know it needs to get done but you are procrastinating for whatever reasons.

These sessions are for just that time. They are designed to create accountability around a specific task or project that you really need to work on but really need an incentive to do so…and that incentive is other people in the community needing to do something similar!

They are currently once a week for two hours each time. They are held on varying days to try and ensure you can find one that suits your schedule!

The format is:

  • Determine what you are going to get done
  • share it with the group
  • Get started!
  • Meet back in the middle to share progress
  • Keep going
  • Meet back at the end to share what you got done

If these times and days aren’t working for you, please do hit reply and let me know what would work better and I’ll see what I can do – even if I have to do a personal session with just you!

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